Back to School

Our bag toppers, custom stickers, banners, and teacher thank you tags can help make special moments at school a little brighter.

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Homeschool Printables

I was asked to create these printables by some of my favorite local homeschooling Moms. They were a joy to design. I love supporting hard working moms and hope you enjoy their creative ideas.

Back to School

My hubby is a public school teacher, a very hard working one at that. I love his determination, his concern for his students and his calf muscles…seriously. Here are some school teacher-inspired printables for all you dedicated teachers, who get yelled at for very little pay, and who spend your vacations grading papers. If you don’t have a color printer, or don’t have the time to buy another print cartridge, I can print and ship these right to you for a printing fee. Just send me a message. 🙂

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